Application area

It is recommended to pre-clean the surface with Active Clean. Spray the cockpit care onto a clean, dry cloth and apply to the parts to be treated. Protect from frost.

High-quality carnauba waxes together with jojoba oil provide optimum care

  • Freshens up colours and gives them a satiny gloss
  • Plastics keep their elasticity. Eliminates squeaks and creaking noises
  • Well-kept appearance, looks as good as new (new vehicle appearance)

Gentle on materials

The pre-determined breaking points of the (passenger) airbag are not affected.

Provides lasting protection against environmental influences

  • Protects against ageing and stops the material becoming brittle
  • Does not bleach the cockpit


Saves continual dusting

Contains no phosphates and no organic solvents.

Fast-separating in waste water in accordance with German Ecological Standard Test B 5105.

Biodegradability> 95>#/p###

AOX and silicon-free

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