High-quality acrylic paint-based sealing of the engine compartment

New gloss on engines, assemblies, cables and hoses

Visually improving and maintaining/enhancing the value of engine compartments and assemblies

Forms a protective film

  • Protects from wet, dirt from the road as well as road salt, thereby preventing corrosion
  • Prevents leakage currents in electrical components

High degree of coating flexibility

High degree of flexibility on plastics, rubber hoses, cables etc.

Excellent temperature resistance (+80°C)

  • Prevents the engine protective lacquer from discolouring
  • Protects against softening of paints, and therefore against dust retention

Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces


Shake can well before use. Before use, thoroughly clean the areas to be treated with engine cleaner and allow to dry. With the ignition switched off, apply an even coat until a closed gloss film is formed. Turn the can upside down after use and spray until the valve is empty.

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